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Hi Gavin,

There have never been an official government spatial polygon layer for postal codes in South Africa. It has always been up to private companies to see how best they can create a layer that best fits to reality. Unfortunately the data is not free. There are many challenges in creating such a layer which one will find out very quickly when starting to create and use such a layer. There are many anomalies to take into account and make provision for. It is only after years of combining different sources together and tested by multiple customers from different business application areas that one can have a good postal polygon layer.

You are welcome to contact TomTom Africa if you are looking for more information.

Kind Regards

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Hi Niel

Is the TomTom postcode dataset free and public? If so, great - please send a link! If not, the public needs access to an accurate, open, free data set of postcode boundaries since their official custodian is a public entity.

In an ideal world SAPO would provide this and we should push them to do so.

But in the meantime the best practical means to such a dataset it to crowdsource it on a platform like OSM. Anyone aware of any such initiatives or want to take the lead?


On 30/01/2015 14:34, Niel Page wrote:

TomTom Africa has as far as I know the most accurate and complete Spatial Data for South Africa Postal Codes. Being at TomTom and knowing how much time and effort had gone into it the last years and comments from the customers I would suggest using the dataset from TomTom.



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I only have the excel spread sheet for you.


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 Does anyone know where I can find shape files for SA POSTAL CODES?

 STREET CODES would be useful too.


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