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Alternative GIS open source application to QGIS.

It integrates well with MS visual studio and Microsoft products.

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MapWindow v5 wish list
Please vote
As we announced in the previous newsletter, we've made a small survey with the wishes for MapWindow v5.
Please fill it in, it just takes around 10 minutes: https://nl.surveymonkey.com/s/PJP2Z59
With the results of the survey we will compile a priority list which will be used as a guide during the development of MapWindow v5 and MapWinGIS.
The survey will be online until the end of February. Early March we'll publish the results of the survey and the priority list. 
For the developers among us it might be nice to read we've moved the source code of MapWindow v5 from a SVN repository to a GIT repository.
This makes it much easier to contribute because you can fork the code and submit your changes without the need to have full rights to the repository.
If you want to know more about GIT and the Forking Workflow you can read the tutorials at this great site: https://www.atlassian.com/git/tutorials/comparing-workflows/forking-workflow 
In the last newsletter we've asked for donations to start with the development of MapWindow v5.
We requested a total of $6,000 and already received $3,500.
The donations so far are enough to start, but until we received our goal we cannot fully dedicate developers to the needed tasks.
Luckilly this does not mean the tasks will not be done but it does mean it will take longer to finish them.
Thus, if you want to donate to speed up the process you still can. Please go to http://www.mapwindow.org/documentation/mapwingis4.9/MapWindow5.html and read all about donating using PayPal. 
Since the last newsletter we've created 3 hotfixes for MapWinGIS v4.9. The current release is MapWinGIS v4.9.3.4.
This hotfix is already downloaded over 680 times. 
MapWindow Lite
To showcase all the new features of MapWinGIS v4.9.3 a demo application was created and added to the installer. This demo application can do some basic stuff, like opening and closing layers, show tiles, change symbology and labeling. Also new features like the new selection tool, loading data from a GeoDatabase and the Shapefile Editor was added. When you install MapWinGIS v4.9.3 this demo application can be found in a subfolder. Of course the source code is also available so you can use it to create your own application.
We also used the demo application to create MapWindow Lite, this installer can be found at the MapWindow v4 Codeplex site.
The difference between the two installers is that the MapWindow Lite installer also creates a entry in the start menu. If you are an end-users and don't need all features of MapWindow v4.8.8 you could also use MapWindow Lite. 
Keep in touch
You can use the Discussion pages at our Codeplex sites to ask for help or report issues you might find. We also have a MapWindow group at LinkedIn and on Google+. I also use @mapwindow_nl to twitter about new release or other news.
Feedback is a great motivator and is very welcome. We also rely on feedback for determining what features to implement. Thus, if you tell us what you need, you may just get it! 
ps. I've send this e-mail to severals lists and contacts. It might be possible you've got it more than once, sorry for that.


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