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Dear colleagues,

Please pass this course opportunity  to your students. Over 700 students
have already registered for the next course starting Feb 23-Mar 29, 2015 on
Introduction to Geospatial Technology Using QGIS

For Educators, please note that the curriculum is also free for you to
share and share alike under the Creative Commons BY 3.0 license.  Please
find all the materials at  Github repository

For universities and educators it is an excellent opportunity to build your
own Geospatial courses using Free and Open Source Geospatial Software.
OSGeo software and technologies are used by hundreds of thousands of users
in academia, governments and business worldwide and rapidly increasing.

Introduction to Geospatial Technology Using QGIS

This course provides a rich introduction to the booming technology field of
Geographic Information Systems, known as GIS. The GIS industry is exploding
at double-digit employment and income numbers and promises employment
opportunities well into the future. Students will learn the fundamentals of
GIS and how to build digital maps using open source software that allows
free unlimited use for private or commercial applications. All data and
software required is included in the course.

Topics covered in this course include GIS, cartography, remote sensing, and
spatial analysis through a series of lectures and hands-on computer-based
exercises. This course is designed to be used as a stand-alone course to
complement other disciplines or as an entry level course into a geospatial
program. Course content is based upon the United States Department of
Labor's Geospatial Technology Competency Model for entry level geospatial
occupations, including Geospatial or GIS Technicians and Technologists.

Learning Outcomes/Competencies

Describe the fundamental concepts of Geographic Information Science and
Demonstrate proficiency in the basic functions of geospatial software.
Demonstrate awareness of fundamental remote sensing and spatial analysis
Demonstrate basic proficiency in map creation and design principles,
including thematic map display, employment of map projections, and
cartographic design.
Demonstrate proficiency in the creation and acquisition of spatial data.

Register at

Best wishes,


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