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Hi Hanlie, 

I am going to make some statements which may seem
obvious to you, so please excuse me if you already know the following:

 	* Pipelines and other servitudes usually have SG diagrams lodged in
the Surveyors General offices (SGO) for servitudes to be registered by
the Registrar of Deeds. Sometimes, servitudes are sufficiently described
by reference to physical features on the land parcel's SG diagram, so no
servitude diagram is needed.
 	* Servitude diagrams usually have
coordinate values on Lo at each bend point of the servitude.
Servitude diagrams can be downloaded for free from the Chief Surveyor
General's (CSG) website at http://csg.dla.gov.za/ [3] . Servitudes can
be identified by viewing the SG diagram for the land parcel that is
traversed by the servitude. There will be an endorsement on the SG
diagram that lists the SG number of the servitude diagram, which can
then be downloaded.
 	* Some servitudes have been captured in the
spatial databases of the various SGO's. Initially, servitudes were not
captured as a priority was made of capturing land parcels. More
recently, new servitudes have been captured as their SG diagrams have
been approved, and historic servitude diagrams have been captured in
areas where upgrades of spatial data have taken place.
 	* Spatial data
in shapefile format for each province is available from the respective
SGO's- contact details can be found at http://csg.dla.gov.za/contact.htm
[4]. This data is usually extracted once a month. Alternatively data for
any or all provinces can be obtained from the Chief GISc Professional at
the CSG. This data may be up to three months old. The data is free, but
processing time and postage has to be paid for.



Spatial Database Manager 

Office of the Surveyor General:

Email: macaister at sgkzn.gov.za 

Tel: 033 355 2929 

033 394 7610 


On 14.01.2015 11:17, Hanlie Pretorius wrote: 

> Hi

> Does anyone know if the gas pipelines in SA are available in spatial
> I have already Googled and found this map on the web
> but I don't know what the data sources are.
> I guess PASA,
PetroSA and Transnet are options, but I know for a fact
> that the first
two charge for their data.
> If anyone has a contact at Transnet,
will you please let me have their
> contact details?
> Thanks
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