[OSGeo Africa] Request for shapefiles

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Mon Jun 1 07:20:50 PDT 2015

Good day

Am lookin for the following layers for Nkonkobe Local Municipality in
Eastern Cape Province:


   *Irrigation demand*: Mean Annual Gross Irrigation demand– the amount of
   water required to prevent plants from wilting, given the existing capacity
   of the soil.

   *Ground Water: *Indicates areas where there is water stored in the
rock surface
   below the ground or in the soil

   *Soil susceptible to water erosion: *This indicates the susceptibility
   of soil to erosion by water, particularly during floods and periods of
   high daily intensity of precipitation.

   *Degraded Land: *This is land that has been heavily impacted by
human activities
   such as crop cultivation, grazing, and rural densification with resultant
   loss of fertility and biodiversity.

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