[OSGeo Africa] Getting ancient SG diagrams into GIS

Hanlie Pretorius hanlie.pretorius at gmail.com
Fri Nov 20 02:03:23 PST 2015

Thank you to everyone who everyone who replied with suggestion ans
offers to help.

André Erasmus reconstructed the coordinates for me from the boundaries
of the current farm 270/1 and the 1998 consolidation diagram. He had
to convert more than one local coordinate system to one of the current
coordinate systems.

This list is a wonderful resource.

Thanks agian

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> Hi,
> A client of mine has sent me 6 SG diagrams dating from 1904 to 1912
> and wants me to get them into GIS.
> >From my previous experience these will be using a local coordinate
> system that needs to be converted to a modern coordinate system that
> GIS and I understand. Since I'm not trained as a surveyor, this is
> beyond my capabilities.
> One of the diagrams has a note that refers to a 1998 consolidation
> diagram that I found on the SG site, but it doesn't help me at all,
> looking at the 2014 farm data that I have.
> Is anyone on the list perhaps willing to help me with this? If so, I
> can send you the diagrams and the coordinates on them in Excel format.
> Thanks
> Hanlie

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