[OSGeo Africa] Reminder: QGIS parallel code sprint, 5 - 8 November

Tim Sutton tim at kartoza.com
Wed Oct 14 03:20:36 PDT 2015


Just a fresh reminder about the upcoming QGIS Hackfest over:

5th – 8th November, 2015

I would especially like to encourage recent graduates and people looking to
improve their CV's in GIS to make use of the opportunity to come along and
participate so you can put 'I contribute to the QGIS project' on your CV!
You don't need to be a coder or a QGIS guru - there are lots of other
things you can do like:

* testing new features and reporting issues you find
* writing documentation
* improving the website
* updating tickets with new information (e.g. this issue is resolved for me
on QGIS 2.12)
* translating (why don't we have QGIS localised to Xhosa / Zulu / Shona /
Swahili) yet?

If you can't participate in person at the venue in Stellenbosch, South
Africa, consider being a virtual participant over the same days via the
QGIS gitter channel at: https://github.com/qgis/QGIS

If you do want to participate on site here in Stellenbosch, please register
here so that we know how many people to plan for!


Thanks to those of you that have already registered, looking forward to
seeing you then!



Tim Sutton
Visit http://kartoza.com to find out about open source:
 * Desktop GIS programming services
 * Geospatial web development
* GIS Training
* Consulting Services
Skype: timlinux Irc: timlinux on #qgis at freenode.net
Tim is a member of the QGIS Project Steering Committee
Kartoza is a merger between Linfiniti and Afrispatial
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