[OSGeo Africa] Environmental Assessment Practitioner (EAP) Intern Vaccancy

Nyaladzi Nleya nyaladzi.nleya at gmail.com
Mon Oct 19 00:37:05 PDT 2015

Good day colleagues

I am looking to appoint an Intern EAP at a Multidisciplinary Built
Environment Consulting firm based in Johannesburg. I am aware of the fact
that this distribution list is mainly for GIS professionals but I am
actually looking for a candidate with GIS or Town Planning background who
would like a career in Environmental Consulting.

The minimum requirements are 1-2 years experience with some knowledge of
Environmental  Assessments. The ideal candidate must be based in Gauteng
Province and must be a south african citizen as the position is for an

The ideal candidate must also hold an honours degree in
Geoinformatics,Townplanning or Environmental Management.

Prospective candidates please forward your CVs to this e-mail address in
order to prevent clogging up the osgeo list;

nyaladzin at gaenvironment.com

kind regards
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