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Christ, Sven <16823745@sun.ac.za> 16823745 at sun.ac.za
Mon Jul 11 03:48:34 PDT 2016

My name is Sven Christ I am busy with my Master's Degree in Geography and Environmental studies at Stellenbosch University.My research project is entitled
"Uncertainty visualization in environmental data".  The overarching aim of the project is to compare and evaluate methods of uncertainty visualization and their use in communicating results from environmental data by expert to novice users.

I have developed a QGIS plugin that visualizes uncertainty in continuous raster data. I now need to do some interviews either via Skype(all of South Africa) or in person Western Cape only to evaluate and improve my tool. If required alternative methods of discussion can also be arranged.

The interview will surround some basic questions and is mainly to evaluate if the tool is useful and how it can be improved. The tool will also be demonstrated.

Until now I have only had a very limited response and appeal to anyone interested to please contact me as I do require this to complete my thesis and thus degree. All responses are kept confidential and will in no way harm ou or your business.

More information is also available at: http://beats-sa.com/Sven.html

Kind Regards

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