[OSGeo Africa] FOSS4G 2016 - travel grants / Call for Submissions

till.adams at foss4g2016.org till.adams at foss4g2016.org
Sat Mar 5 01:53:36 PST 2016

Hi FOSS4G Africa!

I am Till Adams, the chair of the next main OSGeo event, FOSS4G 2016 in 
Bonn. In the past weeks I did some efforts in setting up a travel grant 
programme, dedicated to people, who want to join FOSS4G in Bonn, but 
can't afford all travel- and overnight costs and also the conference 
fee. So we want to offer more or less the same as the 2015-team did:

Looks like there will be a general solution as part of a FOSS4G demands 
from 2017 on, I brought that into the conference committee and there is 
a broad support for this idea.
Nevertheless, that does not help us for this year. So our plans are to 
get a special amount of money for this programme as guarantee from OSgeo 
for this year, that's already in motion and I go to contact the board 
for this soon. Also we plan to offer attendees to pay on a voluntary 
base an extra amount of money, that we'll add to the programmes 
dedicated money.

Second we have one person in our team, whose job is to collect 
sponsor-money for this grant programme from other places, such as 
development aid, companies (e.g. Google) and so on. For us as newbies in 
this field, it is quiet difficult to find the correct people to talk 
with. So that's my first question to you: Does anyone of you have any 
ideas who to contact for requesting funding for this? So please just 
give me a hint on this.

My next appeal is, that anybody interested in participating in this 
programme should send an email to us (info at foss4g2016.org), so we can 
put you on the list. We'll come out with more details on this soon. But 
declaration of intent would help us to get an idea on how many people 
are interested in general.

Last point is just a hint: Call for submissions for FOSS4G 2016 is still 
open until march, 21st.

Find details here:

and here:

So, please spread the word, we, LOC Bonn would love to have as many 
attendees from all over the world as possible!

Regards, Till Adams

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