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Hi Khalid

SANSA has access to ADS Pleiades 0.5m GSD satellite imagery (can be tasked, or you can look for catalogue).

1. That should fit the student budget.

2. Unsure.

3. Try SANSA, maybe? Otherwise the CGA at Stellenbosch University.

4. OBIA packages, or (if you are feeling very lucky and have time to train the classifier, supervised pixel based image classifiers coupled with a DSM and DEM).

Alternatively, there are UAV based solutions out there. If you need help with those, give me a shout. We have pretty good contacts that side that could do it, whom we have used before.

Best regards,


Theo Pistorius

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From: Khalid Mather

Sent: Monday 31 October, 14:55

Subject: [OSGeo Africa] CIR and False Colour

To: Africa local chapter discussions

Hi Guys  , hope you are all keeping well.

I am attempting a project to measure street Tree biomass or tree presence in the greater Durban region. I have a few questions though 

1.  is very high spatial resolution data available for use (on a students budget) 

2. are Colour Infra-Red and False Colour images the same thing?

3. Where can I find CIR/ False colour images of Durban?

4. Does anyone have any input as to how this project can be achieved with as few additional resources as possible? 😂

Thanks and kind Regards

Khalid Mather

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