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Chris chris at airphotoafrica.co.za
Thu Nov 24 00:36:36 PST 2016

    Hi ,

    So curiosity gets the better of me .....

    Such a wide large empty bit of the country
    [ I would make a comment here along the lines of "land" but some people 
    here are very sensitive ]

    If you have a  more wider look on GE Pro you will notice an image by 
    Andre ( Blackie) Swart that indicates that this is agriculture.
    ( Does not say what type of agriculture though ? )

    From what I can gather Mr Andre Blackie Swart is now deceased ?

    IF you are really curious there is a Cape Agri depot in Gharies ( the 
    closest town


    Give them a ring

    Take the first turn to the left north out of Gharies to Hondeklipbaai and 
    Koingnaas and follow the Spoeg River and your GPS to the indicated spot  
    ( it is close to a road )

    North of this area is the SanParks Namaqua National park


    Here are some other bits and pieces of local interest
    ( In case you are thinking of somewhere for your next holiday )




    Seek and yea shall find
    Ask and thou shalt become wiser


On 23 Nov 2016 at 13:18, Kaylin Barber wrote:

> Good day,
> I am looking at the SPOT 6 2015 imagery in the South West of the Northern
> Cape (round about the region of 17.521E -30.558S).
> I came across these strange oval type shape and I am intrigued as to what
> they are. See below the images I snipped for your viewing. Both taken from
> a similar area.
> [cid:image005.jpg at 01D2459C.C8AB2600]  

> [cid:image006.jpg at 01D2459C.C8AB2600] 

> Kind Regards
> Kaylin  Barber
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