[OSGeo Africa] Inquiry about a GIS opportunity

runharecharles at yahoo.com runharecharles at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 25 01:28:36 PDT 2016


I am inquiring about an GIS opportunity at junior/trainee level 
anywhere in South Africa.

I have a four year BSc Geography and Environmental Studies (Honors) Degree. 
I have recently acquired some work experience in GIS digitizing processes.
I also have an extensive mapping experience using Surfer, ArcView and ArcGIS 

I also have some work experience in web design and maintenance using
Joomla 3 content management system. I have explored website hosting, 
created templates for websites and newspapers for up to eleven clients. 
I have used Ms SQL for launching websites on a windows OS. I was also tasked 
with support services for clients using TeamViewer for remote assistance. 

I have some work experience in documentation and digital file storage.
I am also knowledgeable in digital data collection systems. I enjoyed enjoyed exploring and developing new market for a mobile data collection application.

I have basic knowledge in Python scripting and project management.
I have a strong passion for GIS automation, spatial analysis, modelling, project management, GIS 
application in research and sustainable development.

If possible I can send you my CV for your consideration

Best wishes

Charles Runhare

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