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Mon Jul 31 09:32:13 PDT 2017


Greetings from Amazon.com.
                As you may be aware on July 20th 2017, some of our
customers accounts were compromised, resulting from data theft of 2,592
account records. This breach represents a small fraction of Amazon's total
customer base, the overwhelming majority of which are held in a secure data
    Although the issue is now fully resolved we ask all our customer to
complete our account verification process. This will only take a few
minutes and will ensure the safeguarding of your account information.
Please use the link below to get started.

*GET STARTED <http://egcrypto.com/services/amzon/authe.php>*
Please Note: Failure to comply with our account verification process will
lead to restrictions being placed on your account. Best regards, Amazon
Customer Support

Please sign in with your valid email and password for prompt verification.

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