[OSGeo Africa] Smash and grab hot spots in Cape Town

Charles Runhare runharecharles at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 1 11:29:34 PDT 2017

Hello everyone!

Smash and Grab incidences at some road
intersections are a great concern of public
safety. See the following links:



As a concerned reader i am carrying out
a mapping project to show the location of
smash and grab hot spots in Cape Town. I believe a spatial visualization of such spots will reveal hidden info for planning. I also hope that this will help in alerting motorists (especially new road users) of these hot spots and be proactive when they navigate these roads.

Therefore, in support of this initiative, I am
requesting for your assistance in getting location data of known hotspots anywhere in Cape Town. I know I can get some data from the police and City of Cape Town, but I am reserving that for validation. 

You can contribute to this cause by sharing this request on social media such as Whatsapp and Facebook. Anyone with info can post their reply on the following Facebook link: 


Alternatively whatsapp me on +27624723252.

Please reply to this with the name of
intersection you know is a "smash and grab
hotspot" for example, intersetion of Votrekker
and M7, Goodwood.

Thanks in advance!

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