[OSGeo Africa] Qgis2web plugin and embedded links

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Hi Immo


Thanks for the response. I think the http:// approach seems to have worked.
Will try some more datasets and see if all runs well. 


Kind regards,


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Hi Byron,

I would guess you have to put the report on an Internet link, like
http://... or ftp://... or something and insert the correct URL on your map.
have you tried that?



On 02/06/2017 10:48, Byron Grant wrote:

Good day,


I'm trying to publish a web-based map in QGIS and include an embedded link
to the corresponding report on the hard drive, but so far I'm drawing a
blank. I have managed to create the link in the GIS software itself where
you can open the report directly from QGIS, but this doesn't seem to carry
through to the map published through the qgis2web plugin. I've been trying
to find an answer on the web, but so far nothing has worked. Any chance
anyone else has dealt with this before or know how to make it work?


Kind regards,



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