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I think your results are actually correct James, LST is traditionally
higher in urban region due to the uhi and physochemical composition of
cities, whereas plants absorb heat through evapotranspiration.

On 22 Jun 2017 12:10, "James Magidi" <jamestmagidi at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Team
> Can someone assist to retrieve land surface temperature (LST) using
> LANDSAT TM and OLI. I am having a small challenge. My result (LST) has a
> positive correlation with NDVI but it must be negative. The LST results are
> high in urban areas and low in the non-urban environments (which must be
> vice versa). I repeated the calculations using different software (QGIS,
> ArcGIS, Erdas, SCP extension in QGIS - I even developed my own models) and
> checked my formulas again and again to no avail.
> I am in need of help.
> Regards
> James
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