[OSGeo Africa] Pre-1994 municipal boundaries

Dave McKelly DMcKelly at csir.co.za
Mon Mar 13 07:40:50 PDT 2017

Good day Aslam

Do you by any chance have a copy of the pre-1994 municipal boundaries or know where I can find a copy?

Your assistance will be much appreciated.

Best regards

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>>> Aslam Parker <Aslam.Parker at drdlr.gov.za> 08/03/2017 12:39 >>>
Hi Daniel
I assume you control points and specifics of its datum / projections?
Please note that the DRC has various geodetic datums, depending on the region.
A very useful article can be found at http://www.asprs.org/a/resources/grids/06-2005-congo.pdf
Please feel free to contact me off line for advise on this matter.
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Afternoon all
Can anyone help me with survey points in Democratic Republic of Congo?


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