[OSGeo Africa] Android GPS tracking on offline imagery

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Hi Immo,
Thanks for this. Will take a look.

On 2017/05/22 09:19, Immo Blecher wrote:
> Hi Zoltan,
> I have used OruxMaps for this purpose for many years now and it used 
> to be free with a nagging "Donate" now and then. These days you can 
> only donate and then install it. But it is amazing and a small prize 
> to pay. It works perfectly with OpenAndroMaps but also supports online 
> maps.
> With the OruxMapsDesktop app you can then convert whatever images to 
> the OruxMaps format...there are a couple of YouTubes and blogs 
> available how to do that.
> Locus Map is another popular alternative but you also have to use a 
> few "tricks" to convert image files to a suitable format.
> Regards
> Immo
> On 22/05/2017 08:44, Catchall wrote:
>> Hi Walter,
>> Amazing what one finds on their doorstep, hey? :-)
>> You hit the nail on the head when you said "less travelled roads" and 
>> "holiday" - that's exactly the reason I'd like to use it for.
>> Cheers for now,
>> Z
>> On 2017/05/22 08:02, Walter Smit wrote:
>>> Hi Zoltan
>>> I am amazed that Aslam has not already replied with "PDF 
>>> Viewer"...NGI actively promotes it.
>>> Personally I have all the 250k topos on my tablet and also upload 
>>> any 50k topos (tifs work fine) of areas that I want to go to. You 
>>> can even make maps (with routes/point of interest etc and the 
>>> background you prefer) in a GIS package of your choosing and 
>>> provided that package can save a georeferenced PDF, you can then 
>>> save that on the tablet. I have successfully used this on holiday, 
>>> when driving along the "less travelled" roads - checking my location 
>>> relative to the planned route and 50k topo images.
>>> You certainly can see you current location and I believe you can 
>>> drop some pins. It is also free (last time I checked they wanted to 
>>> sell you maps/data, which we don’t need). Scrolling is smooth on my 
>>> tablet.I certainly would not recommend it as a spatial data 
>>> capturing app, but it certainly is good as an informal tool.
>>> Negatives: It crashes often on my tablet, but only when I am doing 
>>> uploads/processing. I don’t recall it crashing during actual use. 
>>> Uploading many separate files/tifs is cumbersome. Get a good sized 
>>> SD card...it duplicates your tifs into what I suspect are tiles 
>>> and/or pyramids. It is picky about the types of tifs it consumes, 
>>> but I cannot remember which...I suggest starting with uncompressed 
>>> RGB images.
>>> Hope that helps
>>> Walter
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>>> Hi AfricaList,
>>> I see that there is a truckload of GIS related Apps in the Google 
>>> Playstore.
>>> I've just bought the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 (latest Android) and 
>>> would like to put some TIF format aerial orthos onto it, and view 
>>> them "at my current location" (track while I drive).
>>> Beyond that plus zoom in/out, the only functionality I might want is 
>>> to drop a pin at current location, and add a short note to it.
>>> So, given this really basic, simple need, plus the billions of 
>>> Android apps in the playstore, would anyone like to recommend a 
>>> really lightweight app that I can do this with?
>>> Regards and thanks in advance,
>>> Zoltan
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