[OSGeo Africa] Topographic Map Series of Namibia?

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Thanks for the RSA Topo map series link.

Wishing everyone a fabulous Christmas holiday and a very prosperous 2019.

If ever you need a collaborating partner for a project next year , we ll be very available.

Best Regards

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Hi Hugo,

> Do you by any chance have a WMS URL for this map 
> https://htonl.dev.openstreetmap.org/ngi-tiles/

No it is currently not available via WMS, I may offer it later, given time.
TMS is available, the URL is:
Where {zoom} and {x} and {-y} need to be replaced respectively by whatever TMS app you use. The -y is to indicate that it has bottom left origin, rather than top left which is also common.

Kind regards,

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