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This is just a thought – but surely under the SDI act, the SGO is the Base data custodian – I know there are problems with data, but if people are calculating it themselves – how does one ever expect to have the “base data” corrected. Is it not easier to force a situation where all data comes from one source, all missing data goes through one source, and all changes in data goes through one source. ??



Peter Newmarch

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Hi Peter


The coordinates on the sg diagrams and general plans helps us alot especially in cases where the CSG spatial data recived from CSG offices are incomplete or somwtimes incorrect.We use those coordinates to update and validate  the cadastral data.

There are times where you find that the whole township is missing from CSG spatial data and you require to work on that township urgently therefore waiting for CSG officials tonot update it for u  not being an option.We use those coordinates to plot that whole township ourselves either using auto cad or ArcGIS.


I would request that there be education in helping GIS personnels in converting those coordinates into decimal degress rather removing them.


Kind regards

Ms Lebogang Modiba


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Dear all,


I am interested in peoples thoughts on the Coordinates on diagrams and general plans. For surveyors its simply duplicated work and plays no part in the registration of the diagram or general plan. From what I can see it was needed in an era of time to assist in plotting things by hand on paper. Land Surveyors don’t use coordinates in reconstructing properties and replacing beacons so they really serve no purpose on the diagram or general plan. The information is still in the survey records as a separate coordinate list so the SG can plot the property appropriately.


What are peoples thoughts about removing them and relying only on the SGO spatial data for such ?




Peter Newmarch


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