[OSGeo Africa] FOSS4G 2018: The Geospatial Event of the Year !

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Thanks very much Tim.Regards John

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Hi John
From within QGIS, assuming you have since saved your data in a GIS format e..g ESRI shape file, it is easy to add a new field. Open the attribute for the layer, click on the field calculator icon and use the options provided there to construct the new field. To update existing attribute data, you can also use the field calculator. Be sure to save your edits using the save or pencil icons when you are done.

On 03 Jun 2018, at 14:45, John Bailey <john at blrland.co.za> wrote:
  Hi I have a residential layout in CAD format which I have exported to QGIS via a DXF copy of the plan.The plan shows the boundaries of the plots and the plot numbers within each plot.The plot numbers have been allocated by the Surveyor-General and have unfortuntely been duplicated. I have been issued with new plot numbers and want to introduce these onto the plan. There are about 2100 plot numbers.The attribute table in QGIS lists the plot numbers.How can I introduce a new field in the attribute table for the new plot numbers to enable these numbers to be shown on the layout plan.Alternatively once the old numbers are in numerical order in the attribute table, how can I replace the old numbers in the plot number field with the new numbers?From here I will export the DXF from QGIS to CAD and update the layout plan.Any asiistance will be much appreciated.Kind regardsJohn Bailey<image002.png>   _______________________________________________
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