[OSGeo Africa] Chief Surveyor Ggeneral -- View Spatial Data -- Website not working

Chris chris at airphotoafrica.co.za
Fri Mar 2 10:02:49 PST 2018

    A follow up ,

    Apart from the one reply from Nic from 1MAP there has 
    been no answer to my original post.

    I have again attempted to access the SG website to view 
    spatial data -- with the same error message and 

    Surely someone must know what is going on at trhe SG 
    offices ?

    Is the whole SG web ecosystem being re moulded  ?

    Something to do with the R50Million tender to ESRI SA 
    and  AGIZO Solutions for the ....

    National Spatial Planing Data Repository ( NSPDR )

    SPIsys appears to be still up and runing ?
    ( However a request for registration there has gone 
    unanswered for two weeks now ? )

    ANYONE ?


On 27 Feb 2018 at 12:29, Chris wrote:
>     Greetings All ,	
>     Sometime ago there was some traffic in connection with 
>     IP addresses ( numbers ) to use to access SG website
>     I have been trying to access the -- view spatial data 
>     section of the site for about two weeks without success.
>     This is the launch page
>     http://csg.dla.gov.za/spatial.htm
>     Always used to work fine for me before using just the 
>     browser.
>     I find this a very helpful resource ( which some others see 
>     fit to charge for )
>     Any ideas / suggestions ?
>     Thanks

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