[OSGeo Africa] Oracle select query to select entities where the geometry only has one boundary

Mike Caister Mike.Caister at drdlr.gov.za
Mon Mar 26 00:44:00 PDT 2018


I need help with structuring a SQL statement to query out data from an Oracle database, using SQL Developer. I want to query out entities that have only one boundary, as opposed to entities that have disjointed boundaries, or have islands.

I have tried to write queries that use the difference in structure of the SDO_GEOMETRY field, between entities with one boundary only, as opposed to entries with multiple boundaries or islands. Is this the route to follow, or is there a simpler method?

Typically, the SDO_GEOMETRY of entities that have multiple islands starts like this:
whereas SDO_GEOMETRY of entities that have no islands starts like this:

Any suggestions would be welcome.


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