[OSGeo Africa] Topographic map with Road Numbers

Walter Smit Walter.Smit at drdlr.gov.za
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I believe Pieter is well aware where to get the NGI topo maps. His examples have (non-standard) road numbers “on top of” the standard maps. I doubt it was made by NGI. So unless there is more detail in the marginalia of the maps, I don’t think it will be easy to find out who actually made those particular maps.

I cant even figure out which version of the standard maps they used as backdrop, it does not match any of the versions I have. It does match the style of something from the 1990s.


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NGI Mowbray Cape Town.
Mark McClaughlan might still be the guy to talk to.
Otherwise see if sales desk will give you an eco mosaic of the 1:50k series.
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Hi Colleagues,

I have a hardcopy map and would like to know who produced it.
It looks like a standard 1:250 000 topo sheet but with road numbers on it. (See attached pictures).

Can anyone help and put me in touch with the creators of this map please?

Kind regards,
Pieter Holtzhausen


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