[OSGeo Africa] Arable land dataset

Luncedo Ngcofe Luncedo.Ngcofe at drdlr.gov.za
Mon Dec 2 01:11:02 PST 2019

Dear Madoda

My suggestion would be for you to get national land cover dataset (2018 freely available from DRDLR and DEA). Then you can do your analysis.
For DRDLR you can request it at: sales at drdlr.gov.za<mailto:sales at drdlr.gov.za>


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Hi All,
I'm looking for an arable land dataset of the Eastern Cape. I want to use this layer as a proxy to identify potential cultivation land parcels for maize, weet, etc in the Eastern Capes. I'm hoping someone might know where I can get a hold of this dataset. I would greatly appreciate any help!


Madoda Malindi

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