[OSGeo Africa] Fwd: Identify coordinate system - SOLVED

Zoltan Szecsei zoltans at geograph.co.za
Sat Jul 13 02:40:55 PDT 2019

HI List/Tim,
Thanks to all who responded.

My first guess, UTM39N, based on the numeric value of the coordinates 
and the fact that the area was somewhere in Doha, was correct.
But, when I looked at the result, the polygons did not match nicely with 
the Qatar coastline.

Today I get confirmation from the original source, that it is in fact 
UTM39N, and.....wait for it...(drum-roll).......the polygons represent 
CLOUD COVER.    (Doh! of course they don't follow the coastline)

So, it is obviously never too late to learn that asking what the vectors 
represent, might be key to solving your problem.

Big thanks again to all who responded.
Kind regards,

On 2019/07/12 21:30, Tim Sutton wrote:
> Hi
> Also consider that some countries (e.g. UK) use a false easting and 
> northing so that the CRS origin starts from 0,0 just outside the 
> sovereign territory….
> Regards
> Tim
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