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> On 18 Oct 2019, at 10:52, Luncedo Ngcofe <Luncedo.Ngcofe at drdlr.gov.za> wrote:
> Dear all
> Please enlighten me
> If open source software (s) are free, then why would Government put out a tender for that instead of downloading such and start using such?

If you want to have support, you need a company or a person to provide that. Generally people won’t give their time for free. What many organisations in e.g. Europe do is take half the budget they would have spent on proprietary software and contract a support company to provide support services. They save lots of money in license fees and benefit from an open market where they can change from one support provider to another if needed without needing to swap out their technology.

Those organisations that don’t need support can just use it for free - which happens in many cases too.




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