[OSGeo Africa] PostgreSQL connection in ArcGIS

Gavin Fleming gavinjfleming at gmail.com
Wed Sep 4 01:42:46 PDT 2019

Looking earlier on in the thread Victoria posted, it seems ArcGIS doesn’t allow connections to the “postgres" database. That makes sense as that is PostgreSQL’s maintenance database. You should working in another database. In one PostgreSQL cluster you can create as many databases as you want and add PostGIS to them independently if you need it. 

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> Hi
>> On 4 Sep 2019, at 06:25, Hugo Paul <hugo.paul at geoafrika.co.za <mailto:hugo.paul at geoafrika.co.za>> wrote:
>> Thank you all for the assistance, unfortunately no luck with ArcGIS. But as a result, QGIS has 6 new users. So that is a plus! J
> Haha lovely!
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