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terison kurimwi tnkurimwi at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 13 00:03:36 PDT 2020

Good day,
May you please also share with me this data set. I would greatly appreciate it.

Kind Regards

Terison Kurimwi+27 83 578 7099

    On Tuesday, 29 September 2020, 13:18:06 SAST, Adrian Frith <adrian at adrianfrith.com> wrote:  
 Hi Aslam,

On Tue, 29 Sep 2020 at 12:56, Aslam Parker <Aslam.Parker at drdlr.gov.za> wrote:
> Can someone please advise who I can contact for spatial data showing the boundaries of various traditional councils of South Africa.

I requested them on this list about two years ago, and received a copy
from Pieter Holtzhausen who is/was with Property Systems and Data
Management in DRDLR. I can send you what I have if you want, but
Pieter did say that they were still working on re-confirming the
boundaries from the original proclamations, so there may be a more
updated version around.

Kind regards,
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