[OSGeo-Announce] 2011 Charter Member Election Results

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Fri Dec 2 02:47:44 EST 2011

OSGeo Community,

I am ready to announce the results of the 2011 Charter Member Election.
• Note that we had a tie for the 20th slot, so I decided to welcome 21 new 
charter members for this year instead of 20 since that still fits within the 
limits of 20% new charter members set by the board at the 2011-09-17 board 
meeting (i.e. 20% of 104 = 20.8)

• The new charter members for 2011 are (in alphabetical order):
	• Bob Basques
	• Brian Case
	• Eric Lemoine
	• Even Rouault
	• G.Hanumantha Rao
	• Gabriel Roldán
	• Jachym Cepicky
	• Lluís Vicens
	• Luca Delucchi
	• Maning Sambale
	• Margherita Di Leo
	• Martin Daly
	• Martin Landa
	• Massimo Di Stefano
	• Nicolas Bozon
	• Sanghee Shin
	• Stephen Woodbridge
	• Suchith Anand
	• Tim Sutton
	• Xianfeng Song
	• Yoicihi Kayama

Those results are published in the wiki 

The official list on the website should also be updated soon 

A warm welcome to our new charter members, and thank you to all candidates who 
didn't make it… it was a matter of only a few votes, so maybe next year?

Daniel Morissette (OSGeo CRO, 2011)

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