[OSGeo-Announce] GeoMoose graduates incubation

Anne Ghisla a.ghisla at gmail.com
Fri Sep 6 02:37:57 PDT 2013

OSGeo is pleased to announce that the GeoMoose project [0] has
graduated from incubation and is now a full fledged OSGeo project.
Brian Fischer, a long time member of the GeoMoose Project Steering
Committee (PSC), has been appointed as Project Officer.

GeoMoose is an Open Source Web Client JavaScript Framework for
displaying distributed GIS data. GeoMoose excels at creating a useful
web-based GIS application for those who need something that works
without any programming experience. The GeoMoose demo (available on the
GeoMoose website) contains a fully operating web-based property viewer.
It can render, investigate, and even edit layers without the need to
write a single line of code.

GeoMoose is written using JavaScript and HTML. XML configuration files
are used to allow configuration too meet the needs of a variety of
common web-based GIS viewers. Besides the viewer, GeoMoose also comes
prepackaged with a number of built in geospatial services written in
PHP. These services add the ability to perform drill-down identify
operations, selection operations, and search data sets. GeoMoose
leverages other open source projects such as MapServer, OpenLayers,
Proj4js and Dojo Toolkit to take advantage of other project’s hard work
that has went into those projects.

Graduating incubation includes fulfilling requirements for open
community operation, a responsible project governance model, code
provenance, and general good project operation. Graduation is the OSGeo
seal of approval for a project and gives potential users and the
community at large an added confidence in the viability and safety of
the project.

As officially sanctioned software, GeoMoose will be a featured project
on the OSGeo website and joins MapServer (www.mapserver.org) as only
the second program with Minnesota origins to be endorsed by OSGeo.
GeoMoose software is downloadable for free, and is useable based on a
MIT open source license.

Congratulations to the GeoMoose community!

[0] http://www.geomoose.org/
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