[OSGeo-Announce] GEOSTAT 2016 Summer School for PhD students, 18-25 September 2016, Albacete Spain

Jorge Sanz jsanz at osgeo.org
Thu Jan 7 02:15:21 PST 2016

The GEOSTAT 2016 Summer School for PhD students and R-sig-geo enthusiasts
will be held this year at the University of Castilla-La Mancha, Albacete,
Spain in the period 18-25 September (arrive Sunday to depart Sunday). The
topics include: spatial and spatio-temporal data and analysis in R, spatial
and spatio-temporal geostatistics, processing large rasters using the
raster package, CartoDB and gvSIG software tutorials, visualization of
spatial and spatio-temporal data in Google Earth. To register for this
summer school please visit:


Please note the registration deadline: *March 1st 2016*.

This summer school is limited to 55 participants. Selection of candidates
is based on a ranking system, which is based on: time of registration,
solidarity (participants further away from the venue receive higher
ranking), academic record, and contributions to open source projects. The
registration costs for the summer school are typically between EUR 400 and
500; these cover the actual costs, no profits are made. Accommodation will
cost ca (EUR 40) per person per night (not included in the course fees).
The organizers provide no funding/scholarships to participants.
Participants from ODA-listed countries (
http://www.oecd.org/dac/stats/daclist), however, can apply
for a subsidized price for registration costs.


* Roger Bivand: Representing and handling spatial and spatio-temporal data
in R: sp, rgdal, maptools packages
* Edzer Pebesma: Handling and analyzing spatio-temporal data with R
* Robert Hijmans: Spatial modeling with environmental data (raster and
dismo packages)
* Marta Blangiardo: Bayesian spatiotemporal models in R
* Michela Cameletti: Spatio-temporal models for environmental data in R
* Matthias Templ: Robust analysis of compositional data / Small Area
* Jorge Sanz: CartoDB tutorial
* César Martínez Izquierdo: gvSIG tutorial
* Virgilio Gomez Rubio: Spatial and Spatiotemporal point process analysis
in R
* Tomislav Hengl: Automated geostatistics and visualization in 3D+T: GSIF
and plotKML packages

To register for this Summer school visit:


For more information about GEOSTAT 2016 please write to:

* T. (Tom) Hengl: registrations, website materials
* V. (Virgilio) Gomez Rubio: the official program, local organizer

Local organizing committee: Esteban Alfaro-Cortés, José Luis
Alfaro-Navarro, María Teresa Alonso-Martínez, Matías Gámez-Martínez, Noelia
García-Rubio, Virgilio Gómez-Rubio (Chair), Emilio L. Cano, Francisco Palmí
Perales and Francisco Parreño-Torres.
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