[OSGeo-Announce] GeoMoose 3.0.0 Released.

Jorge Sanz jsanz at osgeo.org
Mon Aug 28 14:56:50 PDT 2017

With a full year of hard work the GeoMoose team is proud to announce the
official 3.0.0 release!
This is the first major rewrite of GeoMoose in nearly 10 years. This newest
version offers a great upgrade over the the 2.X line in GeoMoose:

   1. Modern Javascript frameworks. GM3 is based on React, OpenLayers 4,
   JSTS, Babel, and Webpack. This makes GeoMoose development and deployment
   platform independent and easy to extends.
   Not a fan of React and ES6? No fear! GeoMoose’s examples are written in
   traditional Javascript.
   2. We’re exercising even more standards. GM3 does not use PHP but still
   can perform identify, select, and buffer operations! It does this by using
   JSTS to do client-side geometry manipulation and the querying capabilities
   of WFS and FeatureServices.
   That also means no more MapServer templates! Templates can now be
   defined right in the mapbook using the Mark.up template engine.
   3. There are so many other great features! Try the Demo
   <http://demo.geomoose.org/> and read the Quickstarts!
   <https://www.geomoose.org/quickstart.html>. The full 3.0.0 documentation
   can be found here! <http://geomoose.github.io/gm3/>

Finally, a huge *thank you* to the MN.IT with the Minnesota DOT. They
provided a lot of technical assistance, review, and funding for this

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