[OSGeo-Announce] PROJ 7.1.0 and PROJ-data 1.1.0

Jorge Sanz jsanz at osgeo.org
Wed Jul 1 06:25:29 PDT 2020


On behalf of the PROJ development team I am happy to announce the
release of PROJ 7.1.0 and PROJ-data 1.1.0. They offer both backward
compatible feature improvements and bug fixes over PROJ 7.0.x and
PROJ-data 1.0.0

See release notes below for details. Download the source distributions here:

https://download.osgeo.org/proj/proj-7.1.0.tar.gz (md5:
(md5: https://download.osgeo.org/proj/proj-7.1.0.zip.md5)

7.1.0 Release Notes


+ New projections:

o Add square conformal projections from libproject:

- Adams Hemisphere in a Square
- Adams World in a Square I
- Adams World in a Square II
- Guyou
- Pierce Quincuncial (#2148)

o Adams Square II: map ESRI WKT to PROJ string, and implement
iterative inverse method (#2157)
o Added IGH Oceanic View projection (#2226)
o Add wink2 inverse by generic inversion of forward method (#2243)
+ Database:
o Update to EPSG 9.8.12, ESRI 10.8.1 and import scope and remarks for
conversion (#2238) (#2267)
o Map the Behrman projection to cae when converting ESRI CRSes (#1986)
o Support conversion of Flat_Polar_Quartic projection method (#1987)
o Register 4 new Austrian height grids (see
https://github.com/OSGeo/PROJ-data/pull/13) and handle 'Vertical
Offset by Grid Interpolation (BEV AT)' method (#1989)
o Add ESRI projection method mappings for Mercator_Variant_A,
Mercator_Variant_B and Transverse_Cylindrical_Equal_Area and various
grid mappings (#2020) (#2195)
o Map ESRI Transverse_Mercator_Complex to Transverse Mercator (#2040)
o Register grids for New Caledonia (see
https://github.com/OSGeo/PROJ-data/pull/16) (#2051) (#2239)
o Register NZGD2000 -> ITRF96 transformation for NZGD2000 database (#2248)
o Register geoid file for UK added (see
https://github.com/OSGeo//PROJ-data/pull/25() (#2250)
o Register Slovakian geoid transformations with needed code changes (#2259)
o Register Spanish SPED2ETV2 grid for ED50->ETRS89 (#2261)

+ New transformations:

o Add a +proj=defmodel transformation for multi-component time-based
deformation models (#2206)

+ API:

o Add API function proj_get_units_from_database() (#2065)
o Add API function proj_get_suggested_operation() (#2068)
o Add API functions proj_degree_input() and proj_degree_output() (#2144)
o Moved proj_context_get_url_endpoint &
proj_context_get_user_writable_directory from proj_experimental.h to
proj.h (#2162)
o createFromUserInput(): allow compound CRS with the 2 parts given by
names, e.g. 'WGS 84 + EGM96 height' (#2126)
o createOperations(): when converting CompoundCRS<-->Geographic3DCrs,
do not use discard change of ellipsoidal height if a Helmert
transformation is involved (#2227)
o proj_list_units() deprecated, superceeded by proj_get_units_from_database()
o proj_list_angular_units() deprecated, superceeded by
+ Optimizations:
o tmerc/utm: add a +algo=auto/evenden_snyder/poder_engsager parameter (#2030)
o Extended tmerc (Poder/Engsager): speed optimizations (#2036)
o Approximate tmerc (Snyder): speed optimizations (#2039)
o pj_phi2(): speed-up computation (and thus inverse ellipsoidal
Mercator and LCC) (#2052)
o Inverse cart: speed-up computation by 33% (#2145)
o Extended tmerc: speed-up forward path by ~5% (#2147)

+ Various:

o Follow PDAL's CMake RPATH strategy (#2009)
o WKT import/export: add support for WKT1_ESRI VERTCS synta (#2024)
o projinfo: add a --hide-ballpark option (#2127)
o gie: implement a strict mode with <gie-strict> </gie-strict> (#2168)
o Allow importing WKT1 COMPD_CS with a VERT_DATUM[Ellipsoid,2002] (#2229)
o Add runtime checking that sqlite3 is >= 3.11 (#2235)

Bug fixes

o createOperations(): do not remove ballpark transformation if there
are only grid based operations, even if they cover the whole area of
use (#2155)
o createFromProjString(): handle default parameters of '+krovak
+type=crs', and handle +czech correctly (#2200)
o ProjectedCRS::identify(): fix identification of EPSG:3059 (#2215)
o Database: add a 'WGS84' alias for the EPSG:4326 CRS (#2218)
o Fixes related to CompoundCRS and BoundCRS (#2222)
o Avoid 2 warnings about missing database indices (#2223)
o Make projinfo --3d --boundcrs-to-wgs84 work better (#2224)
o Many fixes regarding BoundCRS, CompoundCRS, Geographic3D CRS with
non-metre units (#2234)
o Fix identification of (one of the) ESRI WKT formulations of EPSG:3035 (#2240)
o Avoid using deprecated and removed Windows API function with Mingw32 (#2246)
o normalizeForVisualization(): make it switch axis for EPSG:5482
(RSRGD2000 / RSPS2000) (#2256)
o Fix access violation in proj_context_get_database_metadata (#2260)
o Fail gracefully when calling API functions with invalid input (#2272)

PROJ-data 1.1.0 Release Notes

Updates since 1.0.0:

- addition of 4 grids for vertical transformations in Austria
- addition of 2 grids for horizontal ED50->ETRS89 and geoid model
EGM08-REDNAP in Spain
- addition of 4 grids for horizontal transformations and geoid model
in New Caledonia
- addition of NZGD2000 to ITRF96 deformation model in New Zealand
(requires PROJ 7.1.0)
- addition of 2 grids for horizontal and geoid model in Slovakia
- addition of OSGM15 geoid model for United Kingdom


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