[Aust-NZ] Meeting to review budget

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Wed Dec 19 22:30:25 EST 2007

When you are back from holidays, could we please have a meeting, 
primarily between you me and Jeff to walk through the line items in the 
budget you have put together.

I'd like to see where we can reduce the budget.
In particular:
* Tim suggested that we change from a 5 day conference to 4 days + a 
code sprint. I'm assuming room requirements for a code sprint should be 
minimal and not too costly. So reducing 1 day should save us ~ 20%.

* I expect we should be able to reduce AV costs - particularly at the UNSW.

* Jeff suggests we should be able to reduce internet costs based upon 
his contacts.

* I'm wondering whether we need incidentals for delegates like 
"Satchel", glossy program, etc.

* I expect we can bring down the cost of the conference dinner.

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