[Aust-NZ] Meeting to review budget

Mark Leslie mark.leslie at lisasoft.com
Thu Dec 20 19:37:39 EST 2007

Cameron Shorter wrote:
> Tim Bowden wrote:
>> For those who feel the desire, we could also do a walk back to
>> the city over the coathanger.  Late night bridge climb possibly?  Just
>> thinking aloud with my keyboard.  For the rest, we need to consider
>> transport back.
> Tim, I love it. Walk over the bridge will add value to the conference
> AND save us money as its free.
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I quite like the idea of the optional bridge climb.  If the weather
cooperates, it will be the highlight of the trip for anyone that does
it.  It's also something that can be handled outside of our budget, and
simply pass the costs on to the participants, but still reflects pretty
well on us.

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