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Dear ms., mr.,

After succesful events in 2015 <http://2015.foss4g.be/> and 2016 
<http://2016.foss4g.be/>, OSGeo.be <http://OSGeo.be> will organise 
another edition of the FOSS4G Belgium Conference 
<http://2017.foss4g.be/>on *Thursday 26 October 2017 in Brussels* .

FOSS4G conferences gather developers and users of Open Source geospatial 
software from around the world to discuss new directions, exciting 
implementations, and growing business opportunities in this domain. 
Recent years have seen substantial changes in the geospatial industry. 
One of those changes has been the growth in maturity and adoption of 
Free and Open Source solutions. In many cases organizations are using a 
mixture of open and closed source solutions.

We will share knowledge and experiences during the whole event through 
presentations and demonstrations with 25 minutes each at most.
*We are looking for contributors who want to support this event.*

    Target Audience and Structure of the Event

The goal of the conference is to target a broad audience of at least 300 

There will be plenary sessions with a high-level keynote speaker, a main 
track with presentations of use cases, side tracks on academic usage of 
open source geo, openstreetmap and a last track targeting developers of 

Presentations and debates with be both in English and in the major 
official languages of Belgium: Dutch and French.

See the event web page <http://2017.foss4g.be/> for more information.

    Date and Venue

The event will take place on *October 26, 2016* in Brussels.

    Topics & Debates : Tools • Goals • Applications

  * Foss4G’s Tools: What are the current offers for storage, treatment
    and web distribution of spatial data? How do Open Source tools allow
    you to successfully personalize software for your needs?
  * Goals: How can OSGeo help you in your organization? How to build an
    effective Open Source solution? How to choose between different
  * Applications: Which Open Geomatics tools are deployed and used by
    administrations, companies, teachers and researchers? What about
    INSPIRE infrastructures, climate change and smart cities? What are
    the problems and opportunities that you encountered during migration
    of commercial software to Open Source software?

    Special Topics

This year FOSS4G Belgium will have two special tracks

  * OpenStreetMap track

 1. Talk about OpenStreetMap data, community, new tools for mappers or
    map users
 2. Workshop
 3. Round table about tagging discussions, improve documentation,
    collect real life data etc.

  * Free Open Source Software in Geo Education

 1. Overview of Free Software in the academic and in the research
    environment with data from a survey on what is existing in the
    global context in Belgium Universities (status – inventory)
 2. Talk about Geo4all (http://www.geoforall.org/) & OSGeo-Live
    (https://live.osgeo.org/fr/ )
 3. Round table about experiences we had with training and teaching
    FOSS4G : moving to FOSS, what we have as new open data, new FOSS
    tools, what are the needs for education to developers, what are the
    resources we have (which materials already exist and how to enhance
    new material using FOSS in the existing flow)

    Format of presentations

  * Presentation will take place both in English and in the major
    official languages of Belgium: Dutch and French.
  * Each individual presentation will be allowed about 20 minutes and 5
    minutes for Q&A.
  * Submissions can be written in English, French or Dutch (and have to
    adhere to the template available soon in ODT format).


Summaries must be submitted using this form 
<http://2017.foss4g.be/submit-paper.php> by specifying the following 

  * Your name and first name;
  * A contact email;
  * Your company (organization) and/or employer;
  * Your intervention's title;
  * A short abstract

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact 
presentations at foss4g.be


Deadline for submission is September 4, but we invite presenters to send 
their title as soon as possible. Abstracts will be evaluated by a 
program committee and authors will be notified of their acceptance early 
August. All the presentations will be made available on the event website.

    How do we evaluate

The choice of presentations will be based on the quality of the 
submitted material, its interest for professional and student audiences 
and also its consistency with the program. The decision of the selection 
committee will be final and binding. Committee members speak on their 
own behalf, their choices do not reflect the position of their employer. 
The Dutch and French coordinators of the program committee are Johan Van 
de Wauw (NL) and Gaël Kruwialis (FR). We encourage you to send us an 
email (*presentation at foss4g.be <mailto:presentation at foss4g.be>*) for any 

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