[Belgium] today's meeting

Moritz Lennert mlennert at club.worldonline.be
Fri Aug 21 01:24:29 PDT 2015

Hi everyone,

I'm back from vacation and thus back in the email track.

Unfortunately, I'll probably not make today's meeting as I have another 
meeting scheduled at 14:00...

Just a few notes:


1) Website

- We need to find a solution concerning hosting. Currently it's hosted 
on Gael's server space amongst other web sites, and it's not possible to 
create a separate access to just the foss4g pages. If more people want 
access to the web site in order to be able to make modifications we have 
to find a solution to that.

- Currently I'm the one that receives the mails generated by the contact 
form on the website. I thus have several mails from people declaring 
their interest in participating. It would be better to redirect those 
mails to info at foss4g.be and give access to that mail to several people 
so that we can share the load of answering questions.

- Sponsors: Marc is the official contact person for sponsoring. I've 
sent him those messages that have arrived through the contacts form on 
the website. Probably we need a separate form for sponsoring questions, 
with messages from that form directed towards sponsors at foss4g.be, or no 
form at all, just the email address.

2) Dissemination

We need some coordination concerning the dissemination of the info. Who 
sends mails to which mailing lists ? Who sends direct mails, also 
concerning sponsoring ? A list of contacts on the French-speaking side 
has circulated, but I'm not sure if we go much feedback. For the 
Dutch-speaking sponsoring contacts, I don't think we received a list, or 
? (Sorry just back from vacation and still in the warm-up phase...)

3) Registration

We should open registration quite soon. Via Eventbrite ?

B) EU lobbying & Chapter structure

I've had a private contact with Dirk about this: I think that if there 
is sufficient interest from other EU chapters in creating and managing a 
real EU-lobbying chapter, than this would probably be better organised 
as a separate structure. However, as all past attempts in this direction 
seem to have led nowhere, with enthousiasm not lasting much longer than 
a FOSS4G-EU, we might want to keep it simple and just see the 
coordination of EU-lobbying as an additional task of OSGeo-be, obviously 
working with other chapters as much as possible.

That's my 2¢ for now.


P.S. My skype handle is moritzlennert, not moritz.lennert.

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