[Belgium] whitepaper: Computing a shapefile by Belgian zip codes

Alexandre Detiste alexandre.detiste at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 11:09:13 PDT 2016

Le Tuesday 31 May 2016, 21:54:14 JorisMapMen a écrit :
> Hello 
> I made a mapof postal codes (.shp), a couple of months ago by way of exercise.
> Made from combining data from cadastre maps (which contain old commune borders pre-fusion) “deelgemeenten”
> and adresslists of primary schools (VL-BXL-W) (in every village there is one, and they all have a postcode mentioned)
> sample controlling showed very satisfying result. 
> ready to share 
> contact me.


I was more interrested in sharing idea on how to do it than the result;
I don't even need the result anymore as it was needed by my previous

> Joris Hintjens
> Mapmen
> Hofstraat 21 
> 1982 Elewijt
> Joris at mapmen.be <mailto:Joris at mapmen.be>
> www.mapmen.be <http://www.mapmen.be/>
> tel 0472 473 178

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