[Belgium] Question for FOSS4G-Europe

Dirk Frigne dirk.frigne at geosparc.com
Wed Oct 12 09:27:41 PDT 2016

Dear list,

The LOC for FOSS4G-Europe is looking for help with the design of the
website. I wonder if we can reuse the Belgium website structure. I think
Nicolas Bozon can help with the graphical design.

Are there volunteers? Please contact me or Gerald Fenoy.
Or ideas who can help me further with this issue?

thanks in advance for any help,


Yours sincerely,

ir. Dirk Frigne
CEO @geosparc

Geosparc n.v.
Brugsesteenweg 587
B-9030 Ghent
Tel: +32 9 236 60 18
GSM: +32 495 508 799



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