[Belgium] Request for promotional budget : A table at Begeo (500 €)

Dirk Frigne dirk.frigne at geosparc.com
Fri Feb 17 09:28:59 PST 2017

Dear list,
Dear Moritz,

This is my 2c for the subject about the round table.
Please review and comment, as we have to provide content to the
organisation so they can publish the programme.

We also need some names for the panel.

Already allocated:
Johan Van de Wauw
Oliver May
Somebody of open knowledge foundation (Pieter will give me the name)

The suggestion of Moritz: someone from the administration ...

Please try to iterate this over the weekend ...

thanks in advance!


On 14-02-17 11:19, Moritz Lennert wrote:
> On 14/02/17 10:56, Johan Van de Wauw wrote:
>> I'm not too convinced about having both a round table and the
>> economics of open source discussion with (probably) the same people. I
>> think it would be better to add the presentation of Pieter Colpaert in
>> that case (and invite him to join the last session).
> I interpreted this as being one round table. It wouldn't make sense to
> have a round table of 15 min...
> Also: are you sure you want to organise a round table in French with
> only Dutch speakers ? ;-) I understand that there is a question of
> balance between languages, but if Maëlle presents QGIS in French, it
> should be alright to have the discussion in Dutch, or ?
> For the round table, it might be interesting to have someone from an
> administration that has moved to open source and could explain how this
> changes the interaction with suppliers.
> And as a small suggestion to the program: I would put the presentation
> of OSGeo before that of OSM...
> Otherwise, great job !
> Moritz

Yours sincerely,

ir. Dirk Frigne
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