[Belgium] Third afterwork 13/09/22

Gaël Kruwialis gael.kruwialis at ngi.be
Thu Sep 1 00:08:45 PDT 2022

Hello everyone,

You know the principle, a table in a cafe next to the central station and everyone is welcome to meet or reconnect after this "sad" Covid.

-  When: 13 september
-  Where: BrewDog Brussels (right next to Brussels Central Station) Putterie 20, 1000 Brussels

Please forward this invitation to your friends and colleagues even if you can't make it.

- Objective of the meeting :
To meet each other ...
To finalise the General Assembly !
Who wants to participate in a mini-Foss4G Belgium in connection with .... OSM Belgium in december ? (I found a conference space ...)
Small debrefing after State of Map & Foss4G 2022.

We have a few days before this meeting, if you wish to discuss a particular point, feel free to contact me or start a discussion here with everyone !

Met vriendelijke groeten, Cordialement, Kind Regards,
Gaël Kruwialis  |   Spatial Data Infrastructure

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