[Belgium] Mapfile PHP Library and Editor

Jonathan Beliën list at jbelien.be
Mon Jan 2 08:23:04 PST 2023

Hello everyone,

I've developed a few years ago a library in PHP to read and write Mapfiles and based on that library a web editor to ease the way to write a Mapfile.

These last few weeks, I've (finally) prepared a new version, added a full test suite, and released version 2 of that PHP library : https://github.com/jbelien/MapFile-PHP-Library

The web editor based on that library was previously on Heroku (https://mapfile.herokuapp.com/) but since Heroku will stop offering a free tier, I've migrated it here https://mapfile.akoo.be/ (Heroku host will be discarded soon).

Do not hesitate to ask if you have any question or suggestion and I'll hope those 2 little projects will be useful for some of you.

I wish you all a really happy 2023 !

Jonathan Beliën
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