[Benchmarking] Interested in searching for a bottleneck

Arnulf Christl seven at arnulf.us
Wed Nov 25 13:32:54 EST 2009

I would be interested in looking into the current results a bit more 
because it looks almost impossible to me that we should get so similar 
results from two so different software packages.

My intuition tells me there is a bottleneck in the transmission between 
the two boxes.

Another reason could be that the overall processing time needed to 
render the geometries is much smaller than the time required to retrieve 
them - regardless of it being file access or database access. If only 5% 
of the overall request is spent in the mapping software that would 
explain the similarity of the results.

Maybe you already know this but what are the processor times split 
between the map applications and the database / file access?


Arnulf Christl

Exploring Space, Time and Mind

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