[Benchmarking] GUI access to the JMeter machine (again)

Michael Smith michael.smith at usace.army.mil
Thu Aug 12 06:47:17 EDT 2010


Is there any kind of web interface from Jmeter? Otherwise a VNC connection
makes the most sense. Moving a lot less data that way.


Michael Smith
US Army Corps of Engineers
Remote Sensing/GIS Center
Hanover, NH 

On 8/12/10 5:14 AM, "Andrea Aime" <aaime at opengeo.org> wrote:

> Hi,
> since we are about to start using JMeter what about
> someone answers this mail I sent August 3? ;-)
> This year the network connecting to the server is
> faster and we can probably make some run from our
> machines just to check how the results look like
> (something we could not do last year) and then
> run the benchmarks form a ssh session on a terminal.
> However I'm wondering if everybody is comfortable
> doing that (thinking about the teams that setup
> the server only on Windows, how comfortable are they
> to use a linux terminal?)
> Cheers
> Andrea
> ------------------------------------------------
> Hi,
> today I've had a quick peek at trying to run jmeter over
> ssh with X forwarding (with and without compression).
> The benefit of running from the GUI is that one can see the
> actual images returned from each request, which is something
> we really missed last year.
> With the installed OpenJDK it would not start within a couple
> of minutes (past that waiting time I just gave up).
> With a Sun JDK 1.6.0_21 it starts within some seconds (10
> or so) but it's quite hard to use due to the high delay
> in response.
> Wondering if there is a better way:
> - tightvnc
> - nomachine NX server
> I've used he latter (only as a client though) as it's quite convenient.
> The free download is limited to two concurrent graphical sessions,
> which should fit our needs.
> Opinions?
> ----------------------------------------------

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