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Andrea Aime aaime at opengeo.org
Thu Aug 12 14:07:04 EDT 2010

Luc Donea ha scritto:
> Hi All,
> As already discussed in yesterday's irc meeting, I would like to propose 
> that we trim the tests down to "best effort" vector and raster only.
> It seems rather silly doing a baseline test when everyone still has 
> different shape indexes, different styling, different overview pyramids.
> We already have a lot of tests to do and not that much time, so this 
> would allow us to concentrate on best effort.
> What do you think?

See my other mail about best effort testing and what is one allowed
to do there, or isn't (more like me wondering what's acceptable).

Different shape indexes is true, but different styling and different
The servers must end up producing the same maps (minus labelling and
antialising differences) so the styling has to be the same (for
baseline and best effort).
The TIFF files are also the same for everbody, so I don't see
the different pyramids either. Who is using anything other than
the provided TIFF files for the baseline testing?


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