[Benchmarking] Some styling comparisons at different zoom levels

Cédric Briançon cedric.briancon at geomatys.fr
Mon Aug 16 05:51:09 EDT 2010

Hi Andrea,

to begin with, thanks for this report. I was also making some 
comparisons / adjustments on my side, in order to try having the same 
rules for my styles.

Le 16/08/2010 11:27, Andrea Aime a écrit :
> Differences visible at the 1:29k series
> -----------------------------------------------------
> - Constellation is missing the point labels and the ramps. That is not
> Constellation fault, I just did not have the layer names for those
> labels (I know, could have gotten them from the caps, but tried to
> issue a request on the capabilities and I was still waiting after a
> few minutes). So please, somebody just fix the links  :-) .

Well, the GetCapabilities was quite long to answer, due to the fact that 
I have configured the PostGIS layers too, and it takes long time to 
answer for the first GetCapabilities request (that was the object of my 
previous email). Now you can do a GetCapabilities request if you want, 
the answer is in cache.
So my layer name for point-labels are "shp:point-labels-for-geometry" 
and "shp:point-labels-no-geometry".

Moreover I see that the settlement layer must be rendered under any 
other features, so I will update the link on the Wiki.


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