[Benchmarking] Missing vector sample requests: Erdas, Cadcorp, Qgis mapserver

Anne-Sophie Collignon Anne-Sophie.Collignon at erdas.com
Mon Aug 16 12:36:59 EDT 2010


I'm going to publish the Urls for Erdas as well (I'm back from holidays today), but I would like someone to clarify (I don't find input on the wiki) :

- the style to apply for the contour feature type, I see all the team has rendered a contour label : what font, size, to apply - on which attribute?

- the style to apply for point label : POINT_LABELS_NO_GEOMETRY and POINT_LABELS_FOR_GEOMETRY feature types, I don't think I applied the right styling rules... so font, size, style, X/Y offset...

Thank you in advance,
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Anne-Sophie Collignon
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The request for QGIS mapserver are also there.
Though I still need to do some debugging about the scale calculation.


Am Montag, 16. August 2010, um 11.31:17 schrieb Andrea Aime:
> Hi,
> we're still missing the sample requests for the above servers,
> along with the new set of scale dependent test requests that allow
> scale based comparisons.
> Can you please add them as soon as possible?
> We cannot really run benchmarks until we are sure we're not comparing
> apples to oranges ;-)
> Cheers
> Andrea

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