[Benchmarking] Some styling comparisons at different zoom levels

Cédric Briançon cedric.briancon at geomatys.fr
Tue Aug 17 04:19:15 EDT 2010

Le 16/08/2010 18:32, Andrea Aime a écrit :
> Cédric Briançon ha scritto:
>> Well, the GetCapabilities was quite long to answer, due to the fact 
>> that I have configured the PostGIS layers too, and it takes long time 
>> to answer for the first GetCapabilities request (that was the object 
>> of my previous email). Now you can do a GetCapabilities request if 
>> you want, the answer is in cache.
>> So my layer name for point-labels are "shp:point-labels-for-geometry" 
>> and "shp:point-labels-no-geometry".
>> Moreover I see that the settlement layer must be rendered under any 
>> other features, so I will update the link on the Wiki.
> I see you updated the maps, good, all of the issues I was seeing are
> gone, thanks!
> I'm seeing an odd new one, in the 1:29k map the contour labels
> are overlapping with the point ones?
> Cheers
> Andrea
Yes we fixed the issue about scale calculation yesterday, to comply with 
the calculation you've specified in a previous email. We were 
calculating the scale in a more precise way, on the ellipsoid in fact. I 
also fixed some styling rule differences. So the WMS output should now 
be really similar.

For our contour label, they are rendered at last by our renderer, 
meaning on top of every polygon or line layer for example. The goal is 
to have a nice map with labels displayed even if there are lots of data. 
Between label priorities we use our own algorithm.


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